Day planners for good life balance and Back to School

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Combines work & family life

Organizes busy families

For Active Individuals

Hassle-free Simplicity. You don’t have to plug it in, sync it, click it, or charge it. Paper planners are always ready, with a clear view of your life-- including daily planner, weekly planner and month planner spaces.

It’s Tactile. Pen or pencil on paper just feels good. And physically crossing things off your to-do list feels even better. Planners are "the way"!

Wealt Art. Deciding which of several elegant, fun, sometimes funky and cute planner designs you want each year is as good as shopping for shoes. Or visiting the MoMA.

Space Matters. Time management made easier! Do you take notes and plot your breakfast meeting, lunch meeting, several calls, and kids’ sports activities on your phone? Argh--frustrating, isn't it? They DO fit in a paper planner … and are visible in one glance.

We’re in This Together. It’s not practical to expect the whole family to log who needs to be where, when in one iPhone. But a paper planner? It’s an organizational miracle.

We know what it's like to juggle more schedules than your own everyday, which is why we designed these planners to keep you together and stay fashionable. As really busy people ourselves, we see the value in providing something more than just a day planner but a life organizer. And, while we always say, "There's no such thing as a perfect planner," we think our products come pretty darn close!